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Levico Spa Centre

Water with rare properties

Discovered in 1600, the Levico Terme spring waters quickly became famous due to their therapeutic properties. In fact, in the beginning of the nineteenth century it was used by a structure for thermal baths. A couple of hundred years later, new larger scale studies were conducted and proved scientifically that the arsenical-ferruginous thermal water possessed therapeutic properties, thanks to their precious mineral contents, in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory disorders; no other Italian and only a few other European springs possess these qualities.

Today their efficacy has been established in particular due to the presence of numerous pollutants and the high levels of smog.

Aqueducts were built around the year 1860 carrying it from its source 1582 meters above sea level to the town of Levico, where it is used in the thermal spa centre and also bottled as drinking water. Consequently, building a great thermal centre became possible. In a short time, the water’s fame spread throughout Europe, led by the enthusiasm and affection displayed by the nobles of the House of Hapsburg. Fast forwarding to the present day, the spacious public structure built in the 60’s was completely refurbished in 2009, establishing itself once again as a point of reference for those who are seeking the latest in wellness therapies and treatments.

Spa and Wellness Offers

Offerta Acqua Amica BellaVista Relax Hotel Levico Terme


7 nights Half Board

From € 595 – per person

The balance of wellness BellaVista Relax Hotel Levico Terme

The balance
of wellness

4 nights Half Board

From € 543 – per person

Immersion in Relax BellaVista Relax Hotel Levico Terme

in Relax

4 nights Half Board

From € 603 – per person